Armenian Spaghetti: A rich and savory family favorite: spaghetti smothered in a rich and creamy homemade sauce. [meatless]

Baked Hedgehog: No, we’re not serving up Mrs. Tiggywinkle; this is a 15th century conceit of little roasts made to look like hedgehogs. The meticulously documented recipe is one of the first dishes ever presented at the Mabinogi Inn.

Barbecued Ribs: Grilled pork for those who never understood the appeal of ribs: meaty, tangy, and spicy, instead of gloppy, greasy, candied and messy. If you never liked ribs, this will change your opinion. [dairyless] [glutenfree]

New! Bock, Brie, and ’Bello Pan Pizza: Rich and satisfying, this simple pan pizza of brie and portabello mushrooms simmered in a gravy of dark beer is suprisingly simple to make.

Cajun Shrimp in Beer: An intoxicating mix of plump shrimp, fiery spices, and luscious tomatoes, served on your choice of pasta, rice, French bread, or homemade rye.

Carolina Pie: The perfect summer at the beach dish: sweet ripe tomatoes, fresh corn, and succulent shrimp.

Cassoulet: The traditional peasants’ winter fare of the southwest of France. Cooked the medieval way: day-long in a vast cauldron[dairyless][glutenfree]

Cawl Ffa: A savory summer stew of tender lamb, broad beans, potatoes, leeks, and assorted vegetables. Served with crusty bread and a sweet. [dairyless]

Chicken Cacciatore: The Italian classic: tender young chicken, smothered in a thick sauce of tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms. Served with Red Pilaf[dairyless][glutenfree]

Chicken Pie: Not your mother’s chicken pie, this Victorian dish is hearty enough to feed all the fair-goers in a Thomas Hardy novel.

Chili Con Carne: Finally, a chili for carnivores worthy of the Mabinogi imprimatur. What makes ours so special is that we start with a charcoal-grilled steak. [dairyless] [glutenfree]

Cumbrian Tatie Pot: A thick stew, heaping with beef, lamb and pork and topped with fried potatoes. Perfect for winter socials. [dairyless]

Doro Wat: A thick, spicy Ethiopian chicken stew made with authentic berbere smuggled from the Dark Continent. [dairyless] [glutenfree]

Fusilli with Escarole: A quick and simple pasta dish with greens. [meatless]

Grilled Beetsteak: Thick, steamy slabs of beet, fresh from the grill in bold yoghurt sauce. Served with roasted rosemary potatoes. [meatless] [glutenfree]

Holzkirchner Kartoffelplätzchen: A buttery potato plate with fresh herbs, mushrooms, and topped with thick slices of fresh mozarella. [meatless][glutenfree]

Hunter’s Chicken: Freshly dressed breast of chicken, smothered in spring herbs, wild mushrooms and a rich cream sauce. Served on egg noodles with a fresh Green Bean Vinaigrette

Jambalaya Andouille, shrimp, chicken, rice, tomatoes and lotsa spices. Ah’m gonna cook dis up today, Me! Dis some good eatin’ Ah garontee! [dairyless][glutenfree]

Dinner in Tuscany: Start off with some tasty Bruschetta, then savory cutlets of Saltimbocca, served with a wonderfully garlic pasta, Spaghetti algio e olio, and a cheerful side salad of tender young greens with grapes and pistachios.

Lasagne: An amazingly sumptuous lasagne with over two dozen ingredients. It’s got bacon, it’s got beef, it’s got spinach, it’s got cheeses, and much, much more. Something to satisfy every tastebud. There’s even a vegetarian version that’s equally satisfying even to the most carnivorous!

Martha’s Baked Fish: A few ingredients you have on hand will transform the plainest of fish into something splendid. [dairyless] [glutenfree]

Meat Pie: An old-fashioned meat pie, rich and juicy, served piping hot from the oven.

Moch Lladrata: Two juicy pork chops, from Gwydyon’s freshly pilfered stock, grilled to perfection. Accompanied by a hearty portion of Kartoffelnsalat, garlicky dills, and your choice of sweet. [dairyless][glutenfree]

A Night in Marrakesh: Long shishes of grilled Kebab Morgh, on Rice Pilaf, with Tourshi on the side, and served with pita, Hummus (a garlicky chickpea spread), Baba Ghanoosh (an eggplant salsa), with Kadaïf and Turkish Coffee for dessert.

New! Pig Stomach: Another Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, sausage, chestnuts and potatoes roasted in a true pork casing, this dish is an absolute must for New Year's Day, but is welcome elsewhen during the year. [dairyless] [glutenfree]

Pollo ala Brasa: Fiery-hot Peruvian grilled chicken marinated in mint, lime, garlic, and peppers. Served with roasted purple mountain potatoes. Not for the meek of palate. [dairyless] [glutenfree]

Roast Duck: Holiday dining at its best: a remarkable roast duck that’s both wonderfully crispy, tender and juicy, and not the least bit greasy. [dairyless][glutenfree]

Roast Beef: Prime rib of beef, cooked rare. Served with Yorkshire Pudding, of course, and the traditional Horseradish Sauce condiment.

Roast Haunch of Dragon: Fresh leg of dragon, slowly roasted with onions, leeks, carrots, and other vegetables. [dairyless][glutenfree]

Rude Aunt Anne: A culinary relic of our patron saint, this spicy scarlet stew of fresh sausages, tomatoes, and red peppers draws pilgrims from miles around. [dairyless]

New! Sauerkraut Lasagne: Really? Yes. Rich with smoked pork, bacon, and Alpine cheeses, this southern German variant of the Italian specialty will delight your tastebuds.

Swaggies Jumbuck: An Australian Shepherd’s Pie just like the jolly swagman of the national anthem would make with his purloined sheep.

Schweinebraten: Slow roasted pork with an incredible sauce. [dairyless] [glutenfree]

Schweinshaxe: The traditional Bavarian dish of meaty pork hocks in a rich homemade sauce. Served with American-style baked potatoes. [dairyless] [glutenfree]

Shad Roe: Nothing raises the expectation that we’re at the hind end of winter than finding shad roe at the fishmarket. But rather than pan-fry the roe in bacon drippings the traditional way, we created a lighter, more vernal repast by poaching the roe in white wine with fresh herbs.

Stuffed Pumpkin: Lamb, rice, nuts and dates roasted in a sweet pumpkin shell. [dairyless] [glutenfree]

Tagine of Chicken with Almonds, Apricots and Figs: Spicy roast chicken with dried fruits and almonds. A taste of North Africa. [dairyless] [glutenfree]

Teisen Nionod: A ‘cake’ of buttery potatoes and onions — Welsh homefries. [meatless] [glutenfree]

Vegetarian Chili: Bold and unapologetically vegetarian with its hefty chunks of crisp vegetables, this thick tomatoey chili sin carne is now a tradition on cold winter nights. [meatless] [dairyless]

Wild Boar: Slow roasted pork, marinated in cider and herbs. Served with Homemade Sauerkraut, fresh from the crock. [dairyless] [glutenfree]

Woodman’s Pork Roast: A huge thick cut of fresh roast pork, specially prepared with wild herbs. Served, as it must be, with Porkshire Pudding[dairyless]