Watermelon Salad for a crowd


Making 50 servings

Multiply family serving size quantities by 8, so:

2 c sliced red onions
1 c lime juice
3 basketball-sized seedless watermelons (see notes)
2 c chopped mint
2 c chopped parsley
½ lb chopped black olives
12 oz feta cheese, crumbed

Special equipment


Special Instructions for quantity cookery

You can easily dice the watermelon a few hours ahead of time and store in a container in the fridge. Then assemble by dropping the watermelon into the bowl, topping with each of the other ingredients, then tossing moments before serving.


When serving this to the hoi polloi, it will serve many more than 50 people because some will take one look at those onions and olives scattered on chunks of watermelon and walk on by. Their loss.

We still don’t trust seedless watermelon to be as sweet as the seeded variety, but when you’re making this much, you really have no choice but to use seedless. You’d spend too much time trying to seed the slices by hand.