Mulligatawny Soup for a crowd


Making 120 servings

Multiply family serving size quantities by 20, so:

40 cloves garlic
25 oz fresh ginger root, unpeeled
4 Tablespoons cayenne
6½ Tablespoons tumeric
6½ Tablespoons dried coriander
6½ Tablespoons cumin
20 bayleaves
2½ cups vegetable oil
10 lbs onion, chopped
15 lbs boneless, skinless chicken meat (6-7 3-lb fryers)
120 fl oz coconut milk
4 - 5 gallons chicken stock
2½ cups tamarind nectar
7½ cups lentils
7½ cups uncooked rice
fresh chopped coriander for garnish

Special Instructions for quantity cookery

We’ve found that we didn’t need the full five gallons of broth. Somehow it spread further than we had calculated.